Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month

Day 30: Three wonderful things that happened this month

I was featured on 365 Lucky Days.
I am ever so so happy and grateful that I was one of Luckys Blog Crushes.
Eeep thank you Lucky! 

My best friend and I started dating and I couldn't be any more happy.

A blogger meet up! (More photos soon, I promise!)

I have enjoyed this 30 Days Hath November ever so much! Thank you Des for making and promoting it and having it for a second year! 
Thanks for reading lovelies! 



  1. yay!! the meet up was so fun, i already want to plan another...i picture tea and coffee and board games somewhere super cozy...unlike that photo, it was FREEZING! hehe.

    thanks for planning this astrid, and thank your mum again for me...her show was incredible and i'm so glad we got to all meet and spend time there.

  2. Soooo glad you played along -- and it was lovely to see you yesterday too! <3 <3

  3. You have a lovely blog, so glad I found it! and what a colourful bloggers meet!

  4. I miss you guys already! I need to come visit again soon :)