Friday, December 2, 2011

Someone say blogger meet up?!

Holy cuteness batman! 
I had the pleasure of seeing some wonderful local (and one not so local) bloggers for a blogger meet-up at my mothers art show at the Art Gallery Of Peterborough! 
We all met up for the once a week tea service thats a part of my mothers show. We sat for a book reading and got cookies and tea. After we all got to chat away and have a photoshoot.
Vintage aprons and polaroid cameras and sweet souls oh my! 

 Left to right front to back.

 Lucky brought her little sweetie Claire and she got to play with some polaroids and get in some of the pictures too.

 Five beautiful ladies with all beautiful tattoos on their left arms! 

All in all it was a day of joy, happiness and new friends. 
I hope we can have one again soon ladies! Too much fun to be had! 



  1. yay! the photos are great. i wanna see more :) such a lovely day. thank your mum again for hosting it for us, her show was incredible.

  2. Aw, you should have told me! I would have loved to meet all you guys :) My mum brought her parenting class to she your mum's show, and she loved it! :) Looks like a lot of fun!! :D
    -charlotte <3

  3. Aw Astrid! so many pretty photos! I agree, let's do it again soon!

  4. your family is just brimming with inspiration and beauty - thanks for letting us share in it! ;o) xo

  5. Ohh there need to be more of these Ontario blogger meet-ups... and I need to learn to drive so I could bring myself to them if they ever occurred! This looks like a fabulous time, so many stylish people in one room, must have been overwhelming!


  6. Yayyyyy so much lovely fun!! So happy to have hung out with you all! <3

  7. So much sweetness all in one place! It was such a happy time; can't wait for it to happen again! :)
    Also, I don't think I've ever been photographed so much in my life ... wowzas!
    But we sure do look cute all together, don't we?

  8. I have just found your blog for the first time from Elycia's post about this. Now I have a whole new group of bloggers to follow who are sort of nearby! (I'm in Toronto.)
    Looking forward to reading,