Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The stores of Chicago

Hello my darlings!

Today's post is all about the stores of Chicago that I fell in love with.
I went into so many stores in the time I spent in Chicago but got some photos of the ones I really felt were unique in there own little way.
In the meantime here's a few of the shops I loved...

Photo of little Mary Jane candies in a candy store called Candyality that was just the most perfect candy store ever. 

I popped into this rad little makeup store named Benefit and got a free makeover?! Sure thing! I got the most amazing lip Gloss/Balm that I use everyday. And The girl who helped me just happened to grow up homeschooled as well! What a small world.

 Lories Planet Of Sound was amazing. I got the best of the Beach Boys record and listen to it all the time.

Super cute art store we popped into. Just adore these pieces above! 

This was an awesome vintage store that my mother and I fell in love with. 
It had the most amazing furniture and clothing and everything else vintage and cute! 

The T-Shirt Deli was amazing. SUCH a good idea and I swooned over all the designs you could get. Too sweet!

I have a few other stores I went into but they deserve a post of their own *wink*.
Back soon my pretties!