Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Did someone say Renegade Handmade?!

This store was a highlight of my trip.
Renegade Handmade is for all the people who want a little bit of the Renegade Craft Fair all year round.
It has over 400 artists and the works are all handmade! 
It's such a darling store and I loved it.
I hope to get to the Renegade fair next year *crosses fingers*.
Here are some snaps from this wonderful store...

These cuckoo clocks reminded me of Kaylah so I just had to take a little snap!

If your ever in Chicago stop by at this darling shop for some handmade goods and keep it crafty! 



  1. Oh wow it looks amazing, the cuckoo clocks are darling I would love one x

  2. That looks AWESOME! :D I really wish that Renegade Handmade was closer to where we live though... sigh ;) Everything look so amazing there! :D

  3. Totally rad. I got to go to the Queen Bee fair when I was in San Diego. It was so damn good, but SO many people. I didn't have time to wait in line for my wanted purchase!!