Monday, October 24, 2011

Where did I go? Chicago!

Wonder why I haven't posted in a while? Well goodness me I have been wanting to let me tell you! I was off in the windy city for 5 days. Yes, the amazing Chicago!
We stayed with a family friend my mom has known for over 20 years.
It was so great to meet her and her family and share stories and see what wonderful people they are.

The first day my mom and I decided The Art Institute Of Chicago was a good idea to go to since there was a bit of a wind storm and it was pretty rainy. So what better thing to do then go to an amazing art gallery and just relax amongst the work.

I may have entered the Impressionist Gallery and grabbed my moms arm and squealed like a little girl... *wink*.
It was like a kid in a candy store for me and my mother.
We have both been such huge art fans and her having an art school in our house I grew up with her teaching art all the time. 
It was wonderful seeing all the masters pieces.

I'll be back tomorrow with more from my trip! 



  1. CUTE! Chicago is an amazing city, I went there in 2009 :) I love the picture of you meditating! That made me smile :D

  2. Ah yeah we also went there went it was raining, and i was so excited entering the rooms too when i recognised the paintings by so many famous artists! Love your photos.

    I think there are a few places there with black & white photobooths, aren't they awesome!