Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I'm wearing

Let me start this with, OH MY GOODNESS! 
for this mini shoot I almost died. 
Lets just say I rather dislike having about fifteen mosquitoes sucking my blood.
The joys of living in the country ;) I love it! But around this time we pretty much RUN anytime we are outside or we get attacked.
Soooo now for this outfit!
I decided to go 'cute, happy umbrella girl'' teehees.
I just love this shirt. Its from Joe Fresh and is super simple but has an amazing back that drapes down. 
Hence why I have a side ponytail :) 
Skirt, Forever 21
Belt, thrifted vintage
Socks, Joe Fresh
Heels, once again wal-mart haha
Umbrella, Forever 21

*ding! ding!* 

Oh! I must go eat the ginger crinkle cookies my mother and I made! 
(Fresh out of the oven is the only way to eat a cookie ;).


  1. Mmmmmm....cookies sound so good right now.
    Could you do a tutorial on how to take a great photo-shoot? Might be a funny question, but some of us are camera shy.



  2. Aw -- too cute! I love your shoes; def darling. And ginger crinkle cookies? Sounds delish.