Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now for something completely different!

Now for something completely different!
My brother lives in Toronto. 
He's an Audi sales man and as a little bonus they gave him the new Audi A7 for the long weekend.
Now this is completely out of my zone because we are a family that live the artist lifestyle. 
This means we don't drive expensive cars very often ;)
So when Alek drives up our driveway in this sleek car it was pretty exciting!
We went around town driving it and just enjoying the nice sunny day (air conditioned seats are pretty damn nice, let me tell you!).
Well after a long day we decided to go to the dam by our house (this might I add is where me and Alek spent a lot of our time when he still lived at home) and had a little photo shoot! 

I am the kind of girl who would love to own an old Volkswagen. But driving in this A7 was a nice little switch up. I don't feel like I will ever own one but It was very nice! I just like to enjoy what's passed my way :)

Do you like the dress I'm wearing? I got it at H&M for a steal and am pretty much madly in love with it! As well as those heels I'm wearing (let me tell you how sad it is saying I got them at wal-mart but they were SO amazing I couldn't pass up the offer!)

Also! I just finished another wall in my room of art! I will be back soon with some photos!



  1. cute dress, good choice of store ;)

    i've totally tried those heals on at wal-mart, lol. if i didn't have a pair similar, they would've been mine! they have a clog at wal-mart right now called 'carly' haha.

  2. ahh love your dress!

    oh, walmart. i picked up another beatles shirt there yesterday; love the shirt, not the store. ;)

  3. I do love the dress you're wearing. H&M has some great stuff every so often. Cool blog!

  4. Nice Audi, cute brother.

    ♥ sécia

  5. You are seriously the cutest thing ever! Love the dress, love the face, love the shoes :)

  6. sweetest dress! hot heels ... and wheels! so good to see you & Alek for that sweet little moment the other day! xox!

  7. I have a love hate relationship with Toronto! Small doses I find is best for me. I like smaller cities :). Peterborough is perfect to me!

    Both the dress and shoes are adorable on you! My shoes I get from wal-mart are actually always the ones I'm most complemented on! They have some great finds sometimes.

  8. that dress is awesome! astrid, you could totally be a model! you are so pretty :)

  9. love love love the shoes <3