Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photos from a very sweet weekend

This weekend Caren Desiree Leigh and I had a garage sale.
It was epicly cute and filled with vintage goodies let me tell you! 
Here are some sweet photographs from our day.

This pic here, I can't get over! Its just the look in her eye that you can just tell she's getting something lovely, like a cookie (the first of many ;).

Ukulele! I am for sure saving up for one. Its the most darling, easy to play adorableness!
Little Gretchen playing it with me. (and singing the 'pineapple song'. I have never heard of this song however it was too cute!).

And lastly some Polaroid loving.
How did you spend your weekend? 



  1. I spent my weekend blogging and crocheting.

  2. Like that last one. :)

    ♥ sécia

  3. yay for yard sale love! it was a lot of work, but it was made more fun & sweet spending the day with you & the other ladies :)
    love the photos! love you!
    I posted the polaroid today for my Sunday Smile:

  4. nice captures Astrid! Adore those 'puppy eyes' of Gretchen.. great shot! Good to see you there.. you're so cute - like a shiny button :o)

  5. great photos! i love the composition and the crisp, bright cheerful colours.


  6. i love garage sale-ing :) i spent my weekend celebrating my brother's graduation from high school!