Wednesday, April 6, 2011

vintage glasses? Yes please!

Have I told you about my vintage sunglasses collection? No you say? Well then...
I collect vintage sunglasses, almost as much as vintage cameras.
I think I have around 16 pairs.
Value village is a must if your on the look for glasses!
They always have this bin filled with crapy lenses. But if you look hard enough I almost always find a vintage pair!
Today when I went I almost died when I saw these...

Ooooh they are a pretty pair if I do say so myself!

What do you like to collect?



  1. Great find! Love the color. I have a collection of cameras that started with an inheritance from my granddad. I also collect milk glass...hooray for collections!

  2. Love these! You look adorable!

  3. Oooo, love them, recently almost got the same ones(:

  4. Cute cute cute astrid! Thanks for the vintage pair you gave me! They are so sweet :)