Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm contemplating living in IKEA....

Spur of the moment trips to IKEA are the best.
Today my father and I decided, we need to get a new mattress for my bed when I buy it. So why not today?
So in the AS-IS where we always go first, there was a mattress.
The cost? $99.99
Amazing steal? I think so!
(posting this post, sitting atop my lovely memory foam, coil spring mattress.)
We grabbed a few other things and booked it out by 3 PM. 
Then grabbed a bight to eat, involving me eating chicken when I'm a vegetarian -.- oh well it was pretty yummy....
Then hit up the Value Village where I had this freakish feeling there would be something... I just had this feeling.
So lo and behold there I spy at the back of the store, not one but TWO polaroids!
That makes my count at 38 :D
Here are some photos I took on the way after my silly freak out about forgetting to put my memory card in my camera.
So all photos are taken with my i Phone.

Do you ever have a day that  just turns out lovely and unexpected?


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  1. Cute! My mom saw you at St. Vincent de Paul, and she told me and I freaked that I had missed you :( Congrats on the polaroids!