Tuesday, April 5, 2011

its happened...

Today just as I was getting inside, my iphone goes off to tell me someone has tweeted me.

@Retrochicrobot 100 followers! You have 100 followers! congrats, sweetie! (giveaway time - booyah!!) xox
Is what it read.
I RAN to my laptop and there it was... on my blog. 
I gasped, started doing a Chandler Bing happy dance and sang.
Happy girl? That would be me.
I can't thank all of you enough!
Such sweet comments you leave me, that instantly make my day a brighter one.
You make me happy, when sky's are grey, You are my sunshine.

Sooo because I'm still a busy bee trying to get everything ready for the big giveaway, you shall see that post sometime next week :)

My father dearest's head *wink*

Be back tomorrow!


P.S. Thanks again! 


  1. That first photo is adorable, CONGRATULATIONS! You must be absolutely excited :)

  2. Oh my GOSH! Congrats Astrid! I knew it wouldn't be long to 100 :) Can't wait for the giveaway... I love the picture of your dad!

  3. OMG, Martin let you ticker tape his forehead ... he must love you! ;P
    Congrats sweets! So happy you found my tweet!
    p.s. yay for Chandler Bing happy dance!

  4. Hehe, Martin is such a good sport :D

    Congrats, girly!

  5. woo! your dad is cute for doing that!

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  7. Congrats! you deserve it...you're blog is so fun!

    love the chandler bing reference...an instant visual.

  8. So I do this silly little thing where I bookmark blogs and forget about them. I call them my surprise blogs, cause I'm all happy and surprised when I remember to check them.

    AND yours is one of those.

    But I'm thinking that you deserve your 102 follower. :)

    Congrats dear!