Monday, April 4, 2011

so far, I'm in love with my room

 *Cue man voice* This cold has given me a most lovely man voice.
Silly cold!
So I'm pretty sure if I could fall in love with a room it would be my new bedroom. Even though I still have yet to buy a bed and some others things. 
The white is even more lovely than I thought it could be!
Its perfect lighting for photo shoots.
Heres what I have been doing a little of, in the form of pictures.

Yes it was slightly messy (ok maybe a total mess...) But strangely enough I cleaned it this morning *gasp* something has changed inside of my for the better and that something, is the fact that in this beautiful room I love to clean.

Ciao for now my loves!



  1. I love your blog. Really cute.. check out mine if you get any spare time...

  2. I ADORE {repeat several times} your room! I cannot wait to see the whole finished product!! :D