Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm not the biggest fan of the emergency room...

I dislike going to the emergency room.
Last night I got ill and had to go, JUST to make sure everything was alright.
They checked me out, said I was fine and  sent me on my way. 
I'm not a fan of hospitals for the reason being as there are so many sick people in one place. 
It gives me bad vibes.
But now on a good vibe!
Do you like doing something nice for someone else?
Does it give you a feeling of satisfaction? 
Sure does for me!
Today, even if  yesterday was a bummer, WAS a good day.
The sun was up. The skies were blue. It was warm enough to wear  a sweater and feel warm.
And was just lovely.
How have your days been? Warm? Cold? 

(one fail of a jumping shot!)

Off to make some pesto pizza!




  1. I'm sorry to hear you were ill, I hope you feel better!

    Even if the jumping shot is a "fail", it turned out to be a cool picture I think!

  2. Jumping shot = unfail! So joyful! And that shot of you in your new T with that band around your hair? Insanely awesome.

    Plus, and this is a BIG plus: you are the most wonderful goddaughter I could ever ask for. Thank you, from the very depth of my being, for helping me today. You made me feel better. I am so happy you're visit to the ER went okay (as ok as an ER visit can go) ... you are Fab-u-lous! xox

  3. I love these pictures! I agree very much on the dislike of emerge. I had to spend 6 hours in the hospital two summers ago. after 4 hours, I saw a doctor. Then they forgot about me several times :P Ah, well. Glad you're feelin better :D