Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I'm Listening to, playlist time

I love playlists!
Heres what I'm listening to

'Pumped Up Kicks' by Foster The People.

'Home' by Edward Sharp And the Magnetic Zeros.

'Animal' by Neon Trees.

'All About Him' by Auburn.

'Rolling In The Deep' by ADELE .

'Howlin' For You' by The Black Keys.

'Raise Your Weapon' by Deadmau5.

'Something Else' by Diamond Rings.

So theres what I'm listening to!
What are you rocking out to these days?



  1. um. I feel so uncool right now ... I do not know any of those bands or songs. I obviously need to educate myself! :P

  2. haha no no! Look them up! Totally rad songs ^.^

  3. ohh I've been listening to a lot of Adele lately too! And some Kid Cudi, simply because I recently bought an album of his!

  4. Pumped Up Kicks is definitely on all of my friends playlists right now

    suchhhh a good song (:

    I've also had Contact High by Architects in Helsinki running through my head non-stop

    ps. I love the cute photo you chose to go with this post.


  5. oh! I had to do a follow-up comment - I do know who Adele is! (just didn't remember her name) She has an awesome voice. I also know who Deadmau5 is ... I feel less old now. ;)

  6. Coolio! I did my 'top 13 list' a while ago. I've never heard of any of these songs/bands before... Have you heard of the flaming lips? great band!