Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day is for love

Valentines day is for love.
For being with the man or woman in your life that you love. And if you are single? Celebrate it!
If you are single have fun eating chocolate, doing things you love, or just enjoy being yourself.
Thats what I am going to do today ^_^ Along with a LOT of rest...(I just came back yesterday for the pulse in Toronto and currently can't turn my head because of the pain *gasp* It was amazing though and I will post about it soon!).
So be happy and love yourself, who you are and the people around you! 

Sending you all mounds of chocolate, love and not to forget happy huge sock monkeys!



  1. I love the monkey in the second picture! Your dress isssooocute!!! Happy valentines day to you too!!

  2. I second Charlotte's comment. Happy Valentines day, Astrid!! All the best!
    (ps...SERIOUSLY love the second picture! It's so full of happy!)

  3. Cute photos :) Happy Valentine's Day to you, as well <3

  4. yay for chocolate dates for single gals!

  5. hehe that monkey is sooo cute! almost as cute as you...not quite though :)