Thursday, February 10, 2011

sweet sunshiny days

Todays sky's are clear and sunny!
I decided to go for a little walk with the pups (We are dog sitting Nicky our dog Max's sister).
They are the most adorable freaking things on this earth, I swear ;)
So I bundled up in some new things I got at the mall yesterday (For amazing steals, might I add).
Damn these dogs are cute.

Boots - spring $30
Jacket - aeropostale $15
Shirt - aeropostale $7
Jeans - forever 21 $19
moccasins - value village $9 
Hat - H&M $4
nail polish - Joe fresh $4


  1. Oh! My husband had the same type of dog for 11 years. Cute pictures!

  2. oh happy dogs, frolicking in the snow!! (Gracie will be SO jealous knowing such fun was being had without her) ha!
    LOVE those boots & that shirt!

  3. those pups are so cute!

    i especially love the third picture with the adorable snuffly dog nose all covered in snow. :)

  4. thanks ladys! The super fluffy one is my dog max and the smaller one is Nicky. Just to let yall' know ;)

  5. I am in love with the picture where Nicky & Max look like they're flying, and the one with your red nose! Cold weather + People + Red noses :)