Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a weekend of dance and joy

I previously have been to the pulse on tour and decided to go again this year for the pure joy and love of the event.
If you have never heard of The Pulse, its a dance convention with choreographer from shows like So You Think You Can Dance.
It travels  to quite a few places and Toronto is one of the lucky places!
Its a VERY intense weekend to say the least.  Class starts at 8:45 and goes till 3:30-ish.
We were lucky to get Brian Friedman, Cris Judd, Gil Duldulao, Tyce Diorio and we were supposed to get Mia Michaels but due to working on a TV show had to back out last minute.
It was a fantastic weekend altogether!
But my. god. did I feel it on Monday haha. 

Have a fantastic day my lovely's!



  1. OH wow! This looks like so much fun! <3

  2. I love the picture of you in your plaid shirt; you look like you're flying!! You went to this last year, right?

  3. that looks like soooo much fun!

  4. I love your photos, so joyful!