Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February First my darlings!

Its february.
The month of snow, peace, love and.... more snow.
Tonight we are supposed to get up to 30cm of snow *gasp* yep you heard me right.
So tomorrow everything will (well I'm guessing) be canceled. And that means staying home watching old movies all day, sipping tea and a ton massive amount of rest. I have a cold (again?) so tea sounds wonderful!

In other news, my birthday is this Sunday! 
I have a dance showcase to attend to so it will be a very busy day, yet very fun.
Because its February and valentines day is coming up I will be hopefully doing a few DIY and some fun lovely posts!

I'm off to draw, drink camomile tea and relax.



  1. Happy almost birthday!!! :) My Birthday is the 28th. Hope you get well soon!