Friday, January 28, 2011

where have I been? Dreaming of Bali!

Where have I been you might  ask? I have been off in my own mind for the past week or so (sorry for the lack of posts.). 
I saw Eat Pray Love yesterday and dove into daydream land.
For the past while I have been wanting to go. To be anywhere but the forest (I know, slightly crazy.) 
And now I know that the place I want to be is Bali in Indonesia.
I want to go and stay in a little shack, I want to stay for two weeks and just 'be'.
I would take photos all day. I would go for walks and unwind. Swim in lovely blue water and eat like crazy.
I am now saving for this, because I know for a fact this is something one day I would like.
I have even started to learn Indonesian ^-^

In other news!
I am starting to get busy with dance. So if I don't post, its not because I don't love you all! I promise!

See you soon!



  1. What kinds of dance do you do? I love the picture of your braid. Bali sounds like such an awesome place!

  2. i think visiting bali would be simply breathtaking.

    although i did not see the movie, the book transported me to magical places.

    indonesia...what a wonderful dream to plan!

  3. That was a great movie. I have yet to read the book; it's sitting in my "to read" pile. Bali sounds very interesting. I hope you go one day. I'd like to go to Barcelona one day! Have fun in dance ^^