Friday, January 21, 2011

want to be on my wall?

I'm making a goal for this year.
Do you want to be apart of it?
My goal is to make an entire wall (in my room) like a huge art piece, with a large amount of instax fujifilm mini shots. 
I have been thinking about it more and quite a few of you don't have these cameras, so if you wanted to send a photo whatever you have will do just fine :) no matter the size (the wall could use some other shapes :D ) 
This is where you come in!
If you have one of these cameras or a photo (that does not have to be an instax), and would like to take part in this, take a photo of, you, a friend or something you find interesting, then email me at and I will give you my address to send your photo to!
I will put your photo on my wall (and maybe send you something sweet as a thank you!)
Its just that simple ^_^

If you are interested please email me and I would be more than happy to get your photo and put it up *grin*



  1. what a sweet idea. I'd like to be part of it unfortunately I don't have a camera of these.
    good luck!

  2. wish i had one of those, i do have an old polaroid :)

  3. well you two, I was thinking the wall would look better if there was some shape in it. So if you have a photo you would like to see on my wall email me and I can send you my address ^_^

  4. Where can I get one of those cameras?!

  5. You can get them at Blacks, or on the internet :)