Thursday, February 3, 2011

oh you pretty dresses

I was thinking about it today in my happy state of mind, what I would do if I won the lottery.
I would go and buy a ton of pretty dresses from ModCloth and then buy a few more lovely cameras.
I would then proceed to buy a very old house in East City and renovate it.
But this is  about the dresses right now ;)
Oh my god. 
Can I have one? Pretty please?
I might try to find some vintage dresses and pretty them up a bit, you know, that vintage modern look?
Here are a few amazing ones I would love to own.

(see the fifth dress down on the right? That one I want for the pure joy of the awesomeness, I don't know how many times I'd wear it haha.)



  1. Those are SO cute astrid! I really like the yellow flowered one, and the grey and yellow flowered one, and and aaaand.... :)