Thursday, December 9, 2010

day 4 Byron the benz and Hamilton

Day four was a relaxing short road trip to Hamilton.  Listening to Emily Haines in Mr. Byron the Benz (Rhona names all of her cars, such as her last one Etta the Jetta).
So it just happened to be the one day that a local craft show was on in an old gorgeous church!
We got quite a few wonderful home made things there but I can't show you photos because they are all packed up for christmas!
After a lovely day of walking around  down town Hamilton, going to art shops and galleries, we ended with a nice cup of raspberry tea and a gluten free carrot cupcake ^_^

Oh did I forget to mention that on our way home to our hotel we were trying to drive past the Santa Clause parade by taking a short cut and ended up getting stuck where all the parade floats were getting ready? Yep! Teehees that was quite funny if I don't say so myself!


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  1. hunnie, i think you may have inspired me to make a blog.. :o :D I just dont know what to call it?? any advise?? :/