Thursday, December 9, 2010

day 5 land of the munchkins! And a flight of Seagulls

Day five was our last day in Grimsby.
We headed out for a little last day adventure.
We drove (and might I add in the wrong direction for a very long time indeed) until we reached the water and as I like to call it 'the land of the munchkins'.
There is a little place by the water where everyone has decided to paint their historic houses bright colours.
The community began in as a methodist church arts camp in the 1800's :)
It's such an amazing little place. It's so happy!

We walked down to the beach after and had, for me one of the most amazing fun times in my life.
It was so fresh and the air had a little wild side to the way it swirled.
I walked onto the dock and had at least a hundred seagulls fly around me as they flew away.
It was magic.

the end


  1. Awe, what a fun trip -- you're adorable, friend! <3

  2. OMG BEB ITS AMAZIN! :) your so cute in your photos and the houses are wonderful! i adore the last photo of the seguals, it looks so lively.

  3. omg, those houses are so fun and colourful and amazing. i want to go there!!