Wednesday, December 8, 2010

day 3 a fantastic night had by all

On the third day of my trip we got invited by the Director Rhona and her partner Tom for Chinese food and a good time at their adorable house.
After the long day of work me and my mom started drooling when they mentioned chinese food ;)
They have one of the most amazing houses I have ever seen. Filled with treasures in every corner!

My how I love their dog Maya <3 (an adorable Belgian Shepherd)

Tom loved showing me all his goodies and I loved it too.
This camera is amazing. Am I right?

He played his Dobro for me! Wow it was awesome!

He showed me the guitar his brother and him had made from scratch! He told me about his  brother who repairs and makes guitars for Randy Bachman :D 

We ordered Chinese food and listened to all of their old records such as one of the only first edition albums made with no edit given to him by Carol Pope. The dark side of the moon and so many others!!

Ahh what an amazing night had by us all ^_^ 

p.s. sorry for the dark photos. Not good lighting :(



  1. Ooh, chinese! I love houses that are just full off stuff :)

  2. Wow. I totally thudded to the ground seeing these photos of Day #3!
    First that lovely dog, then a wall of art & fabulous instruments. That camera. The chinese food.
    What a great day! :)