Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I miss you my dear brother

My brother Alek moved out a few weeks ago to the lovely Toronto for a new job.
Alek and I are very close to each other.
This is my post of the fantastic times we have had together, and don't you worry, I will take lots of photos next time I visit him :)

The time we went for a long walk in the woods and took photos.

The time we went to Haliburton in a snow storm and took snowy photos :)

When we went to So You Think You Can Dance Canada together and had to wait half an hour in line for autographs so we sang and danced.

When we went to see Down With Webster in the summer.

When we went to Carens and sang an entire album (well the best we could ahah)

Oh I miss you so much Alek! Come back one weekend and we can bake cupcakes!!!


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