Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a happy halloween and an ode to fall

Oh how I wish I took more photos on halloween...
I Only have one good shot of me and my best friend Robyn in costume (eek sorry!)
I had a wonderful halloween and I'm hoping you did too!
Robyn and I went out dressed as a princess and I, a secretary.
We had hot chocolate and a movie to end the night :)
It was perfect!

Now this post is also an ode to fall.
Aaaaah how I love fall!
Its warm but not too warm and there are pretty leaves falling and changing, and it just makes me happy *smile*.
Now its time for winter, cold fingers and runny noses yuck!
Ah well, I still love winter I guess *grin*

What's you favorite season?



  1. Winter :)
    And following up on the tutus, I went to kensington market in toronto and I saw soooo many tutus!!!!!
    Sadly I did not purchase one :(
    Cute pics!

  2. fall is amazing! but I'm biased as I'm a fall baby. :)
    love the photo of the tree, lovely colors!

  3. thanks guys! <3 Awesome Charlotte :)