Thursday, November 4, 2010

dear loves

'here comes the sun'
by 'The Beatles'

today I have a bad case of allergies (boo *sad face* ) but I have managed to still have a wonderful day full of sitting in my comfy cozy chair in my room listening to old records, reading blogs and other happy things.
Right now the Beatles have stolen my heart with their darling songs ^_^

What are you enjoying today?



  1. Awe, get well soon -- allergies can't be much fun at all!

    Today... I am enjoying tea! (You know, like ALWAYS!)

  2. I am not original at all. I, too, enjoyed tea today! Add arrowroot cookies to the tea, and it's all the yummier! :)
    p.s. sorry to hear you're allergies are being mean to you! ♥