Sunday, November 7, 2010

Annika Alek and I

Yesterday Alek came home for the night!
(if you don't remember who Alek is check out this post)
And he came with his best friend Annika! Last night we watched The Life Aquatic together, it was an incredibly amazing movie and it has for sure made my top favorite 5 movies!
Then today we went to show Annika some of our hidden little places we like to go to, to walk, talk and enjoy the view :)

Me and alek trying to take a photo of us, but he's just so darn tall!

Alek takes amazing photos :)
(my bad, I look like a sleepy head)

Goodness what a pretty place!

There is a dog named Arrow that lives by the water in one of the cottages, she loves to walk around and say hi to people (too cute!)

Alek and Annika by the shoe tree! One day I would love to add on to it with some loved shoes.

It was an fantastic day full of eating waffles, watching movies and walking around *smile*.


Back tonight with my top 5 favorite movies!

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  1. oh my gosh this is so pretty! i think you should add to the shoe tree.. what a great idea! and i totally agree, Alec is an amazing picture taker.