Friday, October 22, 2010

red? or...?

Today I was scrolling blogs and when I came to A Beautiful Mess and saw Elsie's new hair I was in awe.

I really think I want to dye my hair this color.
Do you think It would be right on me?
Or maybe another color in mind?


girl who needs new hair :)


  1. Keep your as it is!!!!
    its BEAUTIFUL!!!
    <3 lauryn

  2. I dunno astrid... I totally LOVE that color, but it's not really 'you'.
    Maybe you could try temporary dye, and see if you like it on you.
    I love your hair just the way it is!


  3. Ps. do what you want, it's your hair :)
    We will love you anyway <3

  4. I hear ya on the need for new hair! I just got more dark put into mine. Wish I had the chutzpah to do what Elsie did, though. All over saturated colour like hers is so ballsy! I might do that before my next birthday.
    And I say if you want rich auburn-red hair, then do it! I think you could rock just about any hair colour.

  5. Thanks guys! I think I will do it but with the stuff that washes out in like ten washes :) so I can have a bit o punch for a little bit :) thanks!

  6. I LOVE that color. It's close to what I was going for last time...but mine didn't last long at all : /

    This would be great on you!

  7. I dye my hair red a lot but sometimes its more trouble than its worth! Red is notorious for fading even if it's the permanent dye! Very irritating, especially if, like me, you can't afford to get it dyed as often as it fades!

  8. i had no idea about the fading thingie! :O thanks for the heads up


  9. i think purple would look lovely in your hair! not your whole head though, maybe underneath or something?? anyways, thats my thoughts if you want to change it, but i like it the way it is.. i do realize i am reading your blogs backwards, so no i am not sidekick if anyone new is lookin around at posts, but the bangs would look amazing on you, even with the purple-ness!