Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eye am happy today

'Eye' am very happy today
On the list of why I'm happy

1. On monday I went to so you think you can dance canada with my brother and got to sit with some pretty famous people :)
2. My daddy fixed my camera! I really thought it had died but says super mario it has 2 extra lives ;)
3. My 'new' headband arrived in the mail yesterday! (The day after I got this headband I wore it out on a windy day and it blew away *tears* )
4. I now have been to my brothers new apartment and am now helping him plan out everything (FUN!!)
5. I now know what I'm going to be for halloween... Its a surprise for now though.
6. my daddy decided he wanted to help me do my hair today so he blew it dry for me (Cute!! I love my dad <3>

hoping you all have a happy day too!



  1. Ah! Such a gorgeous photo -- your are a beauty <3

  2. Sounds fun! (minus the headband)
    I love your eye.

  3. So you think you can dance, how fun! So happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, so happy to be your newest follower! XX!

  4. oh yay! anytime love yourblog :)