Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh dear no...

Something happened the other day.
I went to turn on my camera (with brand new batteries) and it made half the cute noise it makes when it turns on, the screen went black, the camera turned off and the lens stayed out.
I tried to fix it and nothing so far has worked :(
I now feel Desiree's pain of a cameras death.
My dad has not seen it or tried to macgyver it yet and I still have a little hope for its sweet life coming back but it does not look good :(
So.. I in the meantime have been trying to really get to know my Nikon D80 but its very complex and I'm not to familiar with it yet but I will soon!
In other news I'm going to So You Think You Can Dance Canada again tomorrow and will try to take a few photos but bringing my Nikon to Toronto is not to smart in my mind when I have to leave it at a coat check.
BUT I will try my best (you never know who your going to meet)

Well I'm off to sketch ideas and thoughts!


and will be back soon with some fun photos!