Saturday, October 23, 2010

a fantastic day had by father and daughter

Today my dad woke me up before it was even light out! (around 5:45 eek!)
I surprisingly happy with getting up this early and going out into the freezing morning with my dad.
We were out the door by 6:30 and on the road listening to 'old time radio show mysteries' (to be more specific a show entitled 'lights out' about zombies :D )
When we got to town we went to a church sale and almost nothing was out so we kinda rummaged around and then found Bernice! (last photo) She's a cute little Basset Hound (and yes I did name her the most darling name ever *wink*)
We also found at the same sale some AMAZING Chartreuse green 'coffee, sugar and tea canisters! eep I love them!!!
Then we went to a few other sales and found the table I have had my eye on from IKEA for only 3 dollars :) (well 5 but what can I say? Were good at bargaining! haha)
All in all a fantastic day was had by father and his daughter.

I use my table as a make up table ( P.S. I don't wear all that makeup on the table only some lol)


Bernice and Astrid


  1. cute stuff! :) hehe my makeup table looks like that too.

  2. Bernice is beautiful!!
    Those chartreuse Tea Sugar Coffee containers are fab-u-lous! Excellent thrifting!
    I think I went to the same church sale, btw. I only came home with 2 cute mugs. I got there late!

  3. Neato ^_^ What a fun outing!
    You and your dad have such a great relationship! Quite enviable!

  4. Bernice looks really nice!.. =)

  5. Awesomeness!!!!!!
    Love Bargains :)