Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I'm wearing

Oh my goodness posting is hard when 1. I had my old camera break and have to use my fathers 2. I don't have an editing program on my mac book yet and 3. I have been sickies .

I was at the mall and found a new favourite store Arie. Such beautiful pastel colours and such sweet things! They had a sale when I went and I just stocked up on cardigans *wink*. $8 from $44?! HELLO!
I'm also sporting my new Kodak Flash Fun hawkeye camera my father thrifted for me (squee! Its too cute!).

What I'm wearing 

Sweater, Arie
Tank top, Wal Mart?? 
Necklace, Pearls
Skirt, Forever 21
Tights, Forever 21
Shoes, Spring

I also tested a new makeup style of eye liner, sheer pink gloss and pink blush. I really liked the light happy vibe it gave me!



  1. cute as a button as always! I love the color palette of your outfit!

  2. You are soon cute!! I love your fashion!! Such cute colors!! Beautiful camera btw!!
    Follow me?
    Little Blue Eyes

  3. cute cute cute!
    I love pastels and neutrals lately, just my favourites!!!
    I spy some adorable shoes in that one pic ;)


  4. I love the colors, and that skirt is adorable.
    Not to mention that camera is an awesome thrift find. Go dad!


  5. lovely outfit- im drooling watching that kodak!

  6. what a great camera...wish I had one like that. Just for the sake of it ;)

    Sam from