Monday, January 2, 2012

what I'm wearing

Did ya'll have a good new years?! I spent the day with the boy and then watched friends in bed till the big moment! Then? I went to bed ;) 
I'm here to show this darling new outfit that I got for such a score boxing week at Urban Outfitters. 
Both these items were in the sale department and 50% off the lowest ticket price *insert happy dance and little squeaks of joy*. This boho chic dress was around $60 and I got it for $10. This Flipping amazing backpack was around $75 and I got it for $20! Goodness gracious me! 
How rad! 

(I have a bit of a grumpy mad face in the photo above, silly since I'm almost always happy! Snicker, snicker)

Dress and backpack, Urban Outfitters 
Belt vintage 
shoes? who needs 'em, I'm a hippy and go bare foot ;)

 And whats a post without my new UKULELE!? 
I got Sooki (I name everything yes..) for christmas and instantly fell in love.
I have always laughed at how music is such a huge part of my life and I never got around to learning to play an instrument! I played guitar for about a year but it didn't turn out so well (guitar was warped and sounded bad, my teacher just thought I sucked ;). So I thought a Ukulele is a smart choice since its super easy to play, sounds adorable, looks cute and will build up my skill so one day I can play the guitar much much better!

Do you play an instrument?



  1. I do not play an instrument ;P except..does my voice count?(; lol I just wanted to say your gorgeous!!!<3

  2. Awe Elisha your too sweet <3 thank you so much!

  3. ahhhhh that knapsack is AMAZING!!!!! i love love love it. you are so adorable astrid!! happy new year :) lets spend more time together in the new year, yes?

  4. Too cute!!! Next time you are going shopping I am coming! I have a ukulele too! We must start a band.

  5. Let's make it a trio; I got my ukulele tuned & ready to go!
    Love that backpack; the fringe is fabulous!
    Also? Your hair is looking soooo long!
    I ditto Carly; I want to hang out more!

  6. Lovely post Astrid! You're getting me excited for the Ukelele I ordered on ebay last week! Can't wait! x

  7. 1. That bag is mystifying.
    2. I used to play the flute, piano, guitar, and bass...but kind of dropped them within the past year or two due to a busy college schedule :P


  8. So cute, nice finds!
    One of these days I'll get around to playing an instrument. One of these days...


  9. I wish I could play an instrument. But I'm musically challenged and wasn't blessed with the skills to learn how. I attempted guitar but failed miserably. -.-
    Cute dress and bag btw.

  10. So, I realise this post is all about the clothing, but your hair looks SO good! It's looks so long and shiny, I'm jealous! I'm trying to grow mine (it's long, but just not long enough!) and yours will be my new inspiration! (I hope that's not creepy!)