Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 5: Three years ago today.

I seem to have disappeared for a little bit haven't I? 
I'm ever so sorry I was in town for the week helping my mother put her art show up. 
No internet where I stayed so I couldn't post for a few days *sad face*. 
But I'm back! 
So on with day 5.. I honestly can't remember where I was three years ago today...
I know I was spending my days helping Caren with her darling store ButterCup before it closed a little bit latter.
I had braces, was short, quirky and had an obsession with vintage pearls.
These photos are from a photoshoot me and Caren had when she got some vintage dresses for her shop.



  1. You were so cute! :D I love the new layout! :)
    -charlotte <3

  2. oh yay! I loved taking these photos! We need to do another photoshoot; it's been so long!