Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 06: A book I'm reading.

Day 6: is a book I'm reading.
I have two books I'm reading right now. One I'm 'reading reading' and the other I look at an awful lot.
The book I'm close to finishing is Empire State, a love story (or not).
Its a Graphic novel by Jason Shiga.
Its a sweet book that I have had and been wanting to read but never got around to it for ever so long.
Its strange but, I'm not as much of a reader you ay think. I enjoy a good book but for me its very hard to find a book I really like. I'm more of a graphic novel kinda girl.
I'm really enjoying this book so far though! 

The other book I'm so called, 'reading' is a book on Indonesia.
I'm in love with anything Indonesia and will make it there and travel all around just like my parents did.
I also want to learn indonesian like a pro because its such a fun language to speak!


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