Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I was gone. And now I'm back!

Why have I not been posting much as of late you ask?
Well here's why...

Every year on the first day of school me and my parents go on a shopping trip. Usually to Toronto but this year was a little different...  now as you might remember here, I said I would be going to a local art school this year. That has been one of the hardest things in my life to decide but I decided against it. I feel at home I'm getting the best for me and what I need, a few more opportunities for my interests and I'm a bit of a shy gal believe it or not ;)
So this year, like every year we went on our little trip the first day of school but to Buffalo NY.
I guess you could all me a small town girl ;) I have never been outside of Canada (I have traveled all over Canada might I add, so I wasn't quite scared going more excited!).
Just happened to be when we went there is a store named Borders that is like a chapters if your a fellow canuck like me (*wink*) and it was going out of business and had a 70-90% off sale.... Now my family is big into books.... so we may have bought over 40 ;) 
It was a sad but wonderful thing if you know what I mean. Sad for the store and people working there but happy that we were able to afford all the books we dreamed of.
We also went to other stores like the Converse Outlet and the biggest F21 I have ever seen in my life. It was wonderful! 
So here are some photos of my little holiday.

 I am a vegetarian most of the time I promise... but ribs may be a slight weakness of mine..

This was an adorable little Dairy  store that I swooned over.

I do not like McDonalds but found this a photo that makes me giggle.

And what's a vacation without a lil thrift store love?!

On the last night in Buffalo we had a choice of going to the Olive garden and waiting in line for a more fancy dinner or going to Mighty Taco. We chose Mr Taco ;) And I couldn't help getting this tacky shirt in which I am in love with. And why did the cute boy in glasses and converse work there?! Teehee

Finished stopping in to Niagara Falls for a little cheesy walk and were on our sleepy way home tired from a wonderful trip.



  1. Wow! Looks like you had a GREAT trip!! And I'm so happy that you've made a good decision for yourself about your continued schooling.
    It's so brave to make a big choice like that -- and you're such a wonderful lass! <3

  2. My friend, looks like you had an AWESOME TIME! :) Just in passing, I have noticed that stores tend to be way bigger in the states... I went to the us this summer :) but of course, that's a plus on the thrifting side of things! I am also in love with the look of de- dee's dairy! COW :)