Thursday, June 9, 2011

Because life isn't always peachy

So, good and bad news! You want to hear the good news first? Ok! Well....
I have been thinking about this a lot and so..... I went to an audition at PCVS (for people not from ptbo its an art/high school).
And I got in.
I will be going in the fall and taking my classes like any other teenage girl. 
Haha, see being homeschooled all my life I have alway wondered what its like to be in classes, be so social, and to have a lot of 'homework'. 
I am thinking I will go and start off just for a year and see how it goes. I would personally love to have the experience and then go back to 24-7 art gall again.
Are you kinda catching my drift?
One year is my goal.
Here are some photos of what I was wearing the day of my audition.

Ok! Now were all happy and peachy.. lets go into the bad news.
So, living where I do we have pretty good weather. Mixes of everything really. But nothing ever too bad.
Well when I was at this lovely audition it started to get a strange color (the sky) and well after about an hour there was a rather odd feeling in the air.
The wind started to pick up. Trees a'swayin.
And so we thought it was just a little rain. So we carried on , me going to my last dance class and such.
So after when we are driving home we are seeing a LOT of houses without power. Trees falling down and all that jazz.
We get home and can't drive up our driveway. There are about five trees on a power line and i'd say about 50 just in  the driveway.

See that finger pointing? Thats the trees soon to fall on our ever so sweet flower bed.

So when everything is fine and dandy the worst may happen. 
But you know what?
I just think of what I'm grateful for.
Having my house not even touched by fallen trees.
Having both my darling dogs safe. 
And my family being there through this.



  1. So glad you're all alright out there -- what a storm that was!!

  2. Wow that looks bad, good you´re okay :) and i love your outfit, so cute :)

  3. Congrats! What a lovely outfit.

    Ptbo definitely got some of the worst bits of the storm from the photos I've been seeing on fb from friends there, we just got the tail end of it in Durham region. I love a good storm, but am glad it wasn't like that here. Thank goodness you & your home is safe!