Tuesday, June 7, 2011

carnival. Shhhh...

The other day me and my mom went for a little walk to the carnival down the street. We thought it was still open but when we got there we didn't hear the happy screams of children. Nor did we see lights flashing and popcorn machines. It was silent. They had closed up shop and all was quiet. 
Now being the people we are me and my mom walked around and snuck into  some of the rides and had a photo shoot. Yes we snuck in. And no... we never did get caught.
I love my mom.

Do you ever dare, take a deep breath and do something wild and unexpected?



  1. what a great adventure! i am in love with that green and blue ferris wheel photo. the colours are stunning.


  2. Love all those macro shots, and that last photo of you is sublime!

    I've done a few unexpected things: holding my breath & jumping off a cliff into rapids being one. Total thrill! I'll never forget that, because I'm afraid of heights (and rapids). ha!