Friday, July 22, 2011

what I'm wearing /new shoes

This summer is wonderful.
Even though there is currently a heat wave..
Its warm, Sunny, sweet, relaxing and just perfect in every way.
I just had to share this outfit post, along with my new shoes! 
I have been waiting for these shoes to go on sale for weeks. 
And  they did! $20 is a sick price for the quality and comfort of them.
They are from Spring, and I must say I think I have a new favourite shoe store.
They didn't have my size but I ordered these for no extra cost right to my door (I like no extra cost ;).
They are so comfy, and I have been wanting a pair of oxfords for quite some time!

Hat - Stolen from my brother. But from H&M
Button up shirt - Urban Planet
Tank top..?
Shorts - Bluenotes 
Shoes - Spring 
(Hidden) vintage necklace, ring, and a ring my mother gave me from Indonesia.



  1. ooh! sweet! I love love love your shoes, score astrid! cute outfit :D

  2. Aha, see? I read your blog, I do! :P

  3. Those oxfords are the cutest thing!!! What a find!!
    Lucky girl! :)

  4. HAHAHA! Alan!!
    You're such an ADORABLE child Astrid

  5. Love the outfit, and the pictures are just amazing!