Friday, July 22, 2011

because getting mail is ever so exciting

My mother had a lady contact her saying that she had a bunch of vintage goodies. Mary (the lady's) mother taught a home ec class. so she had tons of Rick Rack, patterns, buttons, and many others.
She decided to send it to a good home that would love and enjoy everything to the farthest extent.

Here's only what we can guess is what was the beginning of a children's quilt.
It's a bunch of little hand embroidered animals (swoon)!!

My mother was ever so kind and let me have a few of the baby animal squares for art. 
Do you get this warm fuzzy feeling in your heart when a package comes in the mail?


  1. ooh! goodies :D lucky you! I love the first picture :)

  2. Hey Astrid,
    Surprise! I'm the 'lady' who sent the vintage goodie package to your mom...although I still prefer to think of myself as a girl. ;)

    Your blog entry warmed my heart, and I'm so happy that the box was received with such excitement. I knew those unfinished bits were destined for greatness after all. Plus it was nice comparing embroidery pics:

    Love your blog entries, your incredible photos and your smiley Airedale. Please tell your mom I say hello.