Saturday, March 26, 2011

what I'm wearing spring edition

I feel it in the air. 
Spring is finally making its way here.
So to celebrate, I decided to stick some happy music on, get dresses on this fine Saturday morning and take some pictures.
Heres what I'm wearing...

Shirt, urban planet
Necklace, urban planet
Jeans, cant remember haha
Belt, vintage

Have a spring-tastic day!


P.S. I have gotten a few comments on the art on my walls behind me.  On the wall on the left they are mostly made by moi with the exception of My Girl Thursdays screen prints that I put in embroidery hoops. On the right hand side wall is a Lucky Jackson art piece and under that a painting I made of SPAM.
(and in the last photo to let you know I don't have a UFO in my room, its my totally rad record player.)


  1. Love that top on you! fabulous!
    The walls behind you capture my attention, too - all that glorious handmade art, mostly done by you I think? With a lucky jackson & a my girl thursday thrown in?
    Did you do that jackalope? I loooove jackalopes!

  2. What is that strange looking, black, roundish object in the background of that last pic?
    UFO? With legs?
    Ha ha

    You look cute by the way...

  3. hahah no no its my record player!!! I have yet to set it up though.

  4. I adore that wall behind you! And props for urban planet clothing, they truly have the best designs I find :)

  5. You're so cute, Astrid!!! And I'm STILL flipping out at how cute your room is!! :D