Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just a little hello

Yesterday I went to IKEA with my dad. We were planning on getting a bed, mattress, lights and all that jazz for my room. We ended up coming home with a ton of light bulbs, two light fixtures, and two new cameras (not bought at IKEA haha) 
I ended up looking at the beds for about an hour and deciding it was not the right time and that I needed more time to think. And you know what? That was a really good idea in my opinion.
I have now seen all the beds and can visualize where I would like to put it and most importantly what bed I should get.
Here are a few snaps from that day.

^^^^^ this photo makes me smile. I love it when you go through the drive through to hear 'Hello! I'm Wanda! what can I get for you today?'. It just makes me grin. 

Why I did not get this light I'm still stumped on ;)

Have a rad day ya'll!



  1. Haha, I think there's something named after me in there too... gotta love that!!

  2. Awww! They drew a little smiley face for you!

  3. Oh, is the second picture your legwarmers? I think I have the same ones!! {They're so comfy!}
    I love Ikea :)

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