Saturday, March 12, 2011

a peek into a soon to be happy place

This is where I have been for the fast few days. Well to be exact, in stores, at home working on pillows and other things, picking paint colors (more so shade? The perfect white is a hard thing to find!).
Busy busy busy!
My mother and I painted today. And just had enough time to start the first little corner or my new room.
Heres a peek into my room re-do!



  1. i love this little corner!
    i spy a lucky jackson art piece!
    i spy Kabuki comic books!
    i spy a Fab tray!
    such a happy space! xox :)

  2. Too cute! I'm loving everything about your room so far! Can't wait for more pics... :D

  3. LoL! There are sooo many whites, we've just had to pick one out for our kitchen... I think we tried about 10 different ones, haha... It's pretty silly when you think about it! ;)