Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm back!

I'm back and out of hiding!
I think it was good to have a little time to think about things and not feel the need to blog. 
I'm feeling a little better about my new diet..(well partly) I have some good meals planned out. So its not too bad *smile*.
I am mostly working on room layouts, choosing color palettes and picking out a bed and such, for my big room re-do.
I'm thinking of doing a color scheme similar to Ecycia's wedding colors!
a nice grey, yellow, white and a bright turquoise.
Enough about me though! How are you guys? 
I have missed you!
But don't worry, You will be seeing a lot more posting over here *wink*.



  1. wow i didnt know i could leave a comment on this... what do i have to say? THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, THAT YOUR NEW DIET SUCKS AND I PITY YOU, THAT YOU HAVE A CUTIE IN THE PALM OF YOUR LOVELY HAND, AND THAT YOU ARE AMAAZING, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! <3 <3 as always! Syd

  2. Yay! Glad to see you back astrid!

  3. Oh, I love your hair! You curled it! pretty pretty!
    Also, did I read that right? Are you getting a new bed? I am so super excited for you!!!
    Love the colour scheme you've decided upon. The turquoise will pop most pleasantly against the grey & white, with an extra bit of sunshine yellow. yay!!
    You make me want to re-re-do my apartment! xox