Thursday, February 24, 2011

oh dear.

Do you ever feel boring? Or uninspired? 
Thats how I have been feeling recently.
I feel like if I did write a post it would have no, humm... whats the word for it, 'spark'?.
And I always hate writing something that just doesn't feel right. 
So this is just a little 'yes I'm still alive' post :)
What have you all been up to?
As a little update. I saw my dietitian today and she said for one month I have to cut out all Cheese, eggs, most fruit, and a ton of other things out of my diet. I pretty much had a moment in that little room, My heart broke in two. How the hell am I going to live an entire month without cheese? 
Cheese is my go to food, you see. 
I pretty much have it about 4-5 times a day.
one month.
none. zip. zilch. nadda.
*tear rolls down cheek*
Let me tell you one thing and that is..... I'm ranting.
haha sorry.

so to conclude this post, I'm still here and I will be back with some photos soon.



  1. I would never be able to stop eating cheese for a month. Or fruit for that matter. Or eggs. Good luck with this!! Can't wait for the photos :)

  2. oh, i am so sorry to hear about this tough news.

    is there anything super duper nice and special that you can do for yourself during this time to try to make up for the challenge you're facing? something over-the-top and unusual and exciting and cool?

    hang in there...sending you lots of love.


  3. ugh i have those days, they are the worst.. i usually end up starting to write and then stopping cause im frustrated=\

  4. awh, i felt so sad when you said you cried :(
    i hate when restrictions are put on diet, cause then it's all you can think about. hope you feel better about it. it does get easier after a while if that's any help.