Tuesday, December 28, 2010

oh urban outfitters how I love thee

Oh dear.
 I know for a fact that the day I move out I will go to Urban outfitters and have a moment of skipping and singing spice girls songs (yep, they are my go to happy music) with a train of people walking with all of my pretty things for my apartment behind me, thinking I'm crazy :)
I love this store too much.
Yep I have already picked out what I want for my rooms (I am a little crazy when it comes to decor ;)

Here is what my living room will (hopefully) look like!

What my bathroom would look like,


If you have not heard of Urban outfitters please visit their web site and drool over all the pretty things ^_^



  1. I know i adore their things and can't wait to have a space to use all these things!

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