Sunday, December 26, 2010

a little (or rather large) post

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.
No matter what you celebrate I hope you had a fantastic day :)
I know I did!
It truly was perfect for me, one because I unlike most girls, am not a big fan of christmas.
I don't enjoy getting a lot of stuff that I don't end up using.
So this year my parents decided to get me a few of the things that I really wanted and it, let me tell you, was perfect.
I got from my brother...

An i phone?!?! He only had this one for two months before he got his iphone 4 so he gave me his old one :) Eeep!

 And my parents got me a Diana Dreamer!
Oh my goodness this has been on my list for a loooong time!
Its even better in person <3

My mom remembered me talking about these adorable earmuffs from H&M in the kids department (they fit even though they are for 5-9 year olds ;)

And this adorable little book called' french Girlish Mood'

Can I just say wow? Yeah my dad knows me WAY too well!

And I got the makeup I have been drooling over for weeks.

And a cute wallet we got in Hamilton!

My dog Max is happy.. can you tell?
He got the most lovely bed and set of toys (which may I add he has already ripped 3 limbs off? hehe)

Last but not least I got the forth Scott Pilgrim book, Coraline, Scott Pilgrim movie and the forth season of friends :)


What did you get for christmas?



  1. Oh my dear, that is the perfect Christmas receiving! And I'm with you on not being a fan of getting too-much-stuff-that's-not wanted/needed.

    I am super jealous of that Diana Dreamer ... I may drool on it next time I see you! ;)
    And hello Hello Kitty ear muffs! eep!

    I was the happy recipient of many art supplies and a subscription to Uppercase Magazine! These are the best gifts, as they will stimulate me to create! yay! :)

  2. p.s. I still have not seen Scott Pilgrim or Coraline. I may suck.

  3. Oooh nice! haha indeed you do suck for that ;) I will come over one day and we will la top and movie fest out. xox

  4. Oh gosh, Caren! I want you to come over and watch Scott Pilgrim RIGHT THIS MOMENT :D

  5. Did you buy that wallet at the Makers' Market?? Because I am the one who made it! haha. I had a table there. And that's my favourite fabric ever!

    Oh and I want the Diana Dreamer!!

  6. Oh my goodness what a lovely surprise! Indeed I did get it there :D I love it to bits <3
    Its a great camera I totally recommend it.