Sunday, December 19, 2010

my sweet sunday

Hello everyone!
Aaahhhh today Is so relaxing. Last night we went out to a friends for dinner and I had ribs for the very first time! I'm mostly a vegetarian except for chicken and turkey... ok and now maybe some ribs too haha! 
Damn those things were good! I really do try my best to be a good half vegetarian :)
Humm... why I'm talking so much about last night and my virgin rib dinner I have no clue.
SOOOO Today is sunday! I quite enjoy sundays. They usually involve warm cozy sweat pants (I just got new ones from my dance studio and they are so comfy) lots of crazy silly dancing in my room to some indie songs and Watching tv with a cozy blanket and eating lots of cookies ^_^
Oh and cuddling up with my dog Max cause he's a cutie.

What are you doing today? Do you like sundays?
lots of love, the girl who loves sundays



  1. Love Sundays! There's nothing like a lovely sunday afternoon movie. Those sweatpants sound sooo comfy!

  2. Sundays are the best! Truly, it is the day of rest (I wish it was so for everybody). :)

    Where did you get that robot necklace?! I loves it!!

  3. Shannon my cousin got it for me for christmas at forever 21 :D I adore how cute it is!
    p.s. yes they are the most comfy sweat pants EVER!! teehees

  4. The dance pants are AMAZING.Whenever I can, I wear them. They're fabulous.
    I went to my aunts today to eat food and sit around their tree. OH! And watch the hockey game my dad was coaching :)

  5. indeed they are lovely pants <3 Wearing them right now! Oooh sounds like a fantastic day hun!