Monday, December 20, 2010

I miss you my darling vintage photo booths

Do you know what I miss? Well from the Title I'm sure you can guess...
I miss those vintage photo booths in malls.
My friends and I used to go in them on hot summer days and take silly photos with a) a white background  b) a navy blue background c) an awesome orange background.
I miss them so much! But I'm going to tell you a secret...
It's all in french (and I do not know much french at ALL) But its the most darling website I have ever seen!
Caren showed it to me one day and I was hooked! I Adore going in my room pumping Florence And The Machine and taking silly photos.
I think y'all should go and check out this website and take some silly photos!

Haha yes a few of these photos I'm not quite ready as you can tell ;)



  1. Ditto the girls above: awesome Batman shirt & killer glasses!
    I haven't Photo Cabined it in a while ... may have to revisit that funzone sooner! :)

  2. What?! Those don't exist anymore? </3
    Love your nail polish :)

  3. They have a few in Toronto malls I think I found 1 once but not in ptbo anymore :(
    hehe thanks!